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Coucou :)vous allez bien? Avec cette vidéo, je vais vous relaxer et hypnotiser… j’espère! Donnez moi votre avis 🙂 If you want to find me on Facebook: If you want to help me and my channel Discover A Lot More


QUANTUM HEALING HYPNOSIS THERAPY. Probably the most powerfull and positive regressive therapy, founded by Dolores Cannon (USA). English, french and spanish sessions Andre Chevalier, certificated practitioner Discover A Lot More

ASMR Arachnophobia Hypnosis Therapy

Doctor Andrew Michaels attempts to help a person get over their phobia of spiders. Phobias can paralyze a person and limit their ability to operate in certain situation. Arachnophobia or arachnephobia , is a specific phobia, the fear of spiders Discover A Lot More

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Dolores Cannon Method 2014

This is a brief description of how Rose (owner of The Perfect Rose) was led to take the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy with Dolores Cannon. How Dolores was a guest speaker at Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Practitioner Certification class in 2002 Discover A Lot More

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (Parte II)

Segunda parte de la entrevista realizada Mª Eugenia Pérez y Laura Ruiz, en la que nos hablan sobre la terapia Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, a raíz de lo que aprendieron con su creadora, Dolores Cannon. Mª Eugenia: Laura Discover A Lot More

Depersonalization Hypnosis – Anxiety relief

Hypnosis therapy for anxiety and panic attacks. Based in Milton Keynes. This 30 minute hypnosis session is ideal to help alleviate the uncomfortable sensations that can be experienced with high levels of anxiety. Depersonalisation Discover A Lot More

Food Addiction Hypnosis – Powerful Aversion Therapy

Get this powerful Food Addiction Aversion Therapy as part of the Extended Think Yourself Slim Weight Loss Program here: Check out the Cravings Collection here and get off if you buy any 3 MP3s to beat sugar addiction, Discover A Lot More

The “State” of the Therapist – Lessons from Hypnosis

Filmed at the California Southern University School of Behavioral Sciences. Please visit Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey Zeig Dr. Zeig is the founder and director of the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, having studied Discover A Lot More

ASMR Hypnosis therapy, motivational, personal attention ITA

Ciao a tutti, mi è sempre stato richiesto un video di ipnosi.. Ecco a voi un video di ipnosi un po’ particolare 🙂 spero vi piaccia! Fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate con un like o un commento! A presto! If you want to find me on Facebook: If Discover A Lot More

Free Hypnosis Demonstration & Hypnotherapy Session

Hypnotherapy is a kind of guided meditation that can help you relieve stress, sleep better, shed old habits and realize your goals and dreams. Dan Knights, the World Rubik’s Cube Champion in 2003, used the Mental Leverage hypnosis program and solved Discover A Lot More

ASMR – Hypnosis Therapy Role-Play HD

Good day to you all my wonderful test subjects My name is Doctor Victor Vandyke and welcome to my Hypno-therapy session. Come with me as I guide you through my four stages of relaxation and delve deep into the oasis that is your subconscious mind. I Discover A Lot More

Fameless – Hypnosis Therapy for Losers

When a hypnosis protege tries to help a man overcome his fear of flying, he takes his guidance literally. Subscribe: Watch more show clips: From the mischievous mind of David Spade comes Fameless, a Discover A Lot More

Hypnosis demonstration with a hint of therapy

Demonstration of hypnosis to a girl who wanted to experience it. I used the altered state and the conscious mind to anchor relaxation and making well thought through decisions when she would feel out of control. This is some NLP combined with Discover A Lot More

What is QHHT? (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy)

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT)? Created by Dolores Cannon- Integration of past/parallel lives as well as channeling one’s own higher self for healing. Understand the experience of understanding yourself and your pivotal life events Discover A Lot More