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2 HOURS Hypnotic SHAMANIC MEDITATION MUSIC Healing Music for the Soul, Tuvan Chakra Cleansing

"This is Galba. She was the last of the Tuvan Shaman in Mongolia. She took us here, to her birthplace high in Mongolia's Altai Mountains to perform a ritual at her most sacred place, and sacred tree. Galba told us we were the first foreigners ever Discover A Lot More

Cells healing the body – Guided meditation (new) – MindSet Hypnotherapy

This track will help your cells regenerate your body and restore you to optimum health. To download your own personal copy click on the link below. Discover A Lot More

Spiritual and Emotional Healing Hypnosis, Connect to the Universe, Receive Higher Self Meditation

This spiritual and emotional healing hypnosis and meditation works for both specific issues and past traumas and also for general depression, anxiety, or a sense of being lost or in need of support. Both this and the fall asleep versions are now Discover A Lot More

Heal Your Body Guided Meditation & Pain Relief Self-Healing Hypnosis | Ask Dis-ease To Leave

Heal your body with this guided meditation and hypnosis that works on not one, but two levels: to isolate and transform the area of disease itself and also at the brain/nervous system level. This recording uses proven therapeutic techniques from Discover A Lot More